academic cv

Joey Brooke Jakob, PhD


Ph.D. 2017. Communication and Culture. Joint program at York and Ryerson Universities, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Dissertation: Abu Ghraib and the Commemorative Violence of War Trophy Photography
Advisor: Dr. Paul S. Moore
M.A. 2008-2010. Sociology. University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Thesis: The Stranger in Crisis: Spectacle and Social Response
BA (Honors). 1999-2004. Sociology, with a minor in Filmmaking. University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Honors Research Paper: Alien M/Other: Representation in the Film Alien Resurrection


Joey Brooke Jakob has a background in various forms of media production, including filmmaking, photography, and radio. Employing a combined sociohistorical and comparative approach to media studies and material culture, she examines meaning in visual forms. Focusing on the relationships between commemoration and violence, emotive and gestural communication, and the production of cultural memory, her doctoral research examines the practice of war photography at Abu Ghraib in relation to the longer history of soldiers’ combat photography and trophy collection.

Selected Awards and Fellowships

Ryerson Image Centre Elaine Ling Fellowship, for research on the Black Star Agency photographic collection – 2017
Ontario Graduate Scholarship – 2014-2015
Rogers Graduate Fellowship – 2014-2015
Beaverbrook Media@McGill Student Paper Prize, “War Photography After Abu Ghraib: A Preliminary Analysis” – 2014
Dr. Liss Jeffrey Graduate Award for Research in New Media – 2013-2014
Ontario Graduate Scholarship – 2013-1014 (declined)
Ryerson International Research and Conference Travel Grant – 2013
Ontario Graduate Scholarship – 2012-2013
Rogers Graduate Fellowship – 2012-2013
Ryerson Graduate Fellowship, Ryerson University – 2011-2012
Ryerson Graduate Fellowship, Ryerson University – 2010-2011
Dean of Graduate Studies Student Achievement Award, University of Manitoba – 2010
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship, University of Manitoba – 2009-2010
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship, University of Manitoba – 2008-2009

Selected Publications

Jakob, Joey Brooke. (2016) “What Remains of Abu Ghraib?: Digital Photography and Cultural Memory”. Visual Studies, 11pp. 10.1080/1472586X.2015.1128844   video abstract here
___. 2016. “Beyond Abu Ghraib: War Trophy Photography and Commemorative Violence”. Media, War and Conflict. 15pp.
___. 2013. “‘That Worries Me’: Affective and Rhetorical Framing in News Programming of The O’Reilly Factor”. McMaster Journal of Communication, 15pp.
___. 2011. “Global Communications: Toward a Transcultural Political Economy”, Book review. Canadian Journal of Communication, 36(3): 517-519.
___. 2010. “The Stranger in Crisis: Spectacle and Social Response”. MA Thesis, The University of Manitoba.

Selected Print Interviews 

Crane, Connie (Interviewed by). 2012. “Social Media as a Feminist Tool”. Herizons. 26.2 (Fall 2012): 14-17.
Dubecki, Maria (Interviewed by). 2012. “Questioning Our Role in Digital Media”. Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. (May 28)

Jakob, Joey Brooke. “Seeing Suffering at Abu Ghraib”, Canadian Communication Association 2015 Annual Meeting, University of Ottawa, ON.
___. (May 2014). “War Photography After Abu Ghraib: A Preliminary Analysis”, Canadian Communication Association 2014 Annual Meeting, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON.
___. (April 2013). “To See Or Not To See: The (In)Visible Body and Photographic Communication”. Media, War and Conflict 5th Anniversary International Conference, Royal Holloway, University of London, England.
___. (June 2012). “Spectacles of Suffering: The Anguished Body as News in The 9/11 Decade”. Canadian Communication Association 2012 Annual Meeting, University of Waterloo, Canada.
___., Artur Oliva and Abby Goodrum. (June 2011) “Query Analysis and Meme Construction: News Search, Flows and Evolution”. Canadian Communication Association 2011 Annual Meeting, University of New Brunswick & St. Thomas University.

Work Experience 

Course Instructor (Co-Instructor). Master’s Seminar on Research Specialization and Practice. Ryerson. Spring 2017

Course Instructor
Popular Culture. Sociology. Ryerson. Spring 2015

Graduate Writing Consultant
Individual tutor and workshop leader. Ryerson, Student Learning Support. Winter 2016-August 2017

Teaching Assistant
Research Design and Qualitative Methods, Ryerson, 2015-2016; Dr. Julie-Ann Tomiak
Material Cultures of North America, History, Ryerson, Fall 2015; Dr. Carl Benn
Sociological Practice. Sociology, Ryerson, Fall 2013; Dr. Paul S. Moore
Sexualities, Identities, and Society. Sociology, Ryerson, Fall 2012; Dr. Doreen Fumia
Understanding Society, Sociology, Ryerson, Fall 2011; Dr. Heather Rollwagen
Sociology of Health and Illness, Sociology, U.Manitoba, Winter 2010; Dr. Christopher Fries
Media, Culture and Society, Sociology, U.Manitoba, Fall 2009; Dr. Sonia Bookman
Cities and Urban Life, Sociology, U.Manitoba, Fall 2009; Dr. Sonia Bookman
Introduction to Sociology, Sociology, U.Manitoba, 2008-2009; Dr. Christopher Fries
Women and Society, Sociology, U.Winnipeg, 2003-2004; Dr. Michelle Owen
Filmmaking / Intro to Film, Theatre and Film, U.Winnipeg, 2003-2004; Dr. John Kozak

Teaching Guest Lectures
“Close Reading of Difficult Texts”. Sociological Practice, Ryerson. Fall 2013
“Composing Statements of Research Interest”, Sociological Practice, Ryerson. Fall 2013
“To See Or Not To See: Reading Pictures Without Words”. Chang School, LIFE Institute Lecture Series, Ryerson. Spring 2012
Why Don’t We Care About Each Other?: How The News Media Distances Us From Strangers”, Chang School, LIFE Institute, Ryerson. Winter 2011
Neoliberal News Media, Introduction to Sociology, U.Manitoba. Spring 2009
Research Assistant
“Canadian Movie Theatre Histories”. Sociology, Ryerson. PI: Dr. Paul S. Moore, 2011
“Query Analysis of Online News Searching”. Faculty of Communication and Design, Ryerson, Networks of Centres of Excellence and GRAND. PI: Dr. Abby Goodrum, 2010-2011
“Health Sociologists: Teaching and Research Materials in Canada”. Sociology, University of
Manitoba. PI: Dr. Alexander Segall and Dr. Christopher Fries, November 2009-June 2010
“Branding and Commercialization of the City of Winnipeg Exchange District”. Sociology,
University of Manitoba. PI: Dr. Sonia Bookman, January-May 2010
“Transforming Aboriginal and Inner city Communities in Manitoba”. Sociology, University of Winnipeg. Funded by CURA-SSHRC. PI: Dr. Parvin Ghorayshi, 2008
“Gender and Disability”. Sociology, University of Winnipeg. PI: Dr. Michelle Owen, 2002-2004

Professional Experience 

Art Department Assistant, Various film productions, Winnipeg, 2008-2010
Co-Owner and Events Coordinator, Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse, Events planner and promoter, including book launches and panel discussions, 2006-2009
Cofounder, Producer, and Media Representative of Sugar and Splice: Feminist Film Festival,
Cinematheque Winnipeg, 2004-2006
Vice-President – Advocate, U.Winnipeg Students’ Association, 2004-2005
Executive Director of multi-million dollar, non-profit organization as Coordinator of Internal and External Events; Staff Relations; Chair of the Personnel Committee; Student Advisor
Research Assistant, Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitoba, 2002
Researching and compilation of information for Women In Prison Facts Sheet
Artistic Service 

Chair, Board of Directors, CKUW 95.9fm U.Winnipeg Campus & Community Radio, 2009-2010
University of Winnipeg Student Film Festival, Host, 2007
Reel Pride Film Festival, Film Selection Committee Member, 2004-2005
Winnipeg Film Group, Member, 2003-2009
Volunteer Producer, Host, Writer, Editor, and Technician, CKUW 95.9fm U.Winnipeg Campus &       Community Radio, Contributor to three social news programs, 2003-2009
Academic and Administrative Service 

Panel Organizer, “Visual Communication and Culture: Picturing Cruelty,” Canadian
Communication Association, University of Ottawa, 2015.
Co-President, Communication & Culture Grad Students’ Association, Ryerson, 2012-2013
Panel Co-Organizer and Co-Chair, “Agency and Ethics: Media and Communications in the
Digital Era”, Canadian Communication Association, U.Waterloo, 2012
Intersections Conference Organizing Committee, Ryerson & York University, 2010-2011
Sociology Graduate Committee, University of Manitoba, Student Representative, 2009-2010
University of Manitoba Sociology Department, Graduate Student Representative, 2008-2009
CUPE Union Representative, Sociology Graduate Student Representative, 2008-2009
University of Winnipeg Board of Regents, Appointed Seat Member, 2004-2005
University of Winnipeg Senate Appeals Committee, Appointed Seat Member, 2004-2005

Association Memberships 

International Visual Studies Association (2014-2017); Canadian Communication Association (2011-2017); Association of Research on Mothering (2009-2012); Canadian Sociological Association (2008-2012)

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